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Fully out-sourced Health and Safety support, and auditing have grown to become leading SML services over the years, ensuring clients’ teams understand their health and safety responsibilities and maintain their standards.

SML is fiercely proud of its reputation across a wide range of industries, a reputation built on offering clients the experience of UK’s leading health and safety experts alongside service levels long since forgotten by most in consulting.

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A recent, independent survey of clients confirmed the loyalty felt by most clients towards SML

  • 85% of respondents said SML offer good value
  • 76% rated SML’s service as ‘Excellent’ and the remaining 24% rated it as ‘Good’.
  • 94% rated their consultant as ‘Very knowledgeable’
  • 90% of existing customers would be happy to recommend SML to others.
  • 70% of respondents said that contact with SML was ‘Excellent’ and the remaining 30% rated it as ‘Good’.

SML is committed to continue to offer all new and existing clients the most knowledgeable expert consultants, the highest service levels, and the very best value.

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We provide everything from a completely outsourced health and safety service to specific support with a single issue.