Covid-19 update

In light of the most recent Government policy, we will no longer be visiting clients’ sites unless we can justify the visit as essential, i.e. to enable our clients to meet their legal obligations. In these cases, we will maintain the social distancing policies set out by the government and of course consult with each client before we visit, to ensure we follow any restrictions you may have in place.

Where statutory LEV testing (Local Exhaust Ventilation) is required, we will continue to carry it out but without the personal monitoring element that we usually do concurrently. Personal monitoring as part of the LEV Thorough Examination and Test is not a statutory requirement (although very useful) and can be justifiably missed for one year.

During this challenging time, the SML team has relocated to work from our homes, and we are here to continue our support for you, and your business, by phone, email and video calls.

HSE have specific advice for people working through the Covid-19 crisis.

We wish you well, and if there is anything at all that we can do to help or advise you during these challenging times, please let us know.

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