In light of the most recent Government guidance, Safety Management Ltd have considered the risks from COVID 19 to ourselves and to our clients. Much of the work that we do can be done whilst maintaining a reasonably safe distance and as such we will continue to carry out those tasks as scheduled and as needed.

The tasks that we have considered to be too high risk currently are personal occupational hygiene monitoring. In these circumstances the consultant and employee being monitored have to be in very close proximity. Sampling equipment, filter holders etc all have the potential to be contaminated with the virus and then to pass that on to the next person without a deep clean and disinfecting which is difficult to do in the field.

Where LEV testing is required we will continue to carry that out but without the personal monitoring element. Personal monitoring as part of the LEV Thorough Examination and Test is not a statutory requirement (although very useful) and can be justifiably missed for one year.

We do recognise that some clients have decided to stop all non-essential visits to sites, as part of their safeguards. In these circumstances we will continue to support you by phone, email and online, and to that end all our consultants are equipped for video-conferencing.

In the event that any of our consultants develop symptoms, they will self-isolate in accordance with Government guidance. This might result in visits being cancelled at short notice. We will of course, reschedule the visit asap.

We wish you well, and if there is anything we can do to help you during these challenging times, please let us know.

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