Get your Health and Safety back on track with Toolbox Talks

Has Covid distracted your day-to-day Health & Safety?

Over the past 12+ months everyone’s focus has quite rightly been on the control of Covid; ensuring, where permittable, that business has been able to continue whilst suitable arrangements are implemented to manage the risks.

While the pandemic has certainly interrupted some scheduled and regular Health and Safety activities, such as training courses, it is important that businesses are not distracted from ‘normal’ day to day Health & Safety responsibilities. The competency of our workforces needs to be maintained to make sure that complacency is not allowed to develop.

This is where Toolbox Talks come in. Originating in the Construction sector, a Toolbox Talk is a short presentation to the workforce on a single aspect of Health and Safety. They only need to be 10 – 20 minutes long and delivered by a Supervisor or Manager to their team.

Examples of Toolbox Talks that we have supplied for our clients include:

Toolbox Talks are a flexible method of engaging with the workforce. Even during Covid restrictions, it is possible to effectively deliver these talks to small groups of workers in the right environment.

It is imperative that the content of the talks are:

  • Relevant to work activities and the work environment
  • Delivered verbally by the appropriate personnel

Poor examples of Toolbox Talks are when safety updates are printed out and left in a communal space for workers to sign that they have read them. This isn’t engaging or a responsible enough approach.

SML can support your business activities in providing Toolbox Talks to suit your undertakings. If required, we can also support your Management team in the delivery of these. Contact us today to find out more.

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