Latest Covid19 advice for workplaces

Covid19 restrictions for workplaces are no longer being managed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Instead Covid19 will be a public health issue only.

This means that HSE no longer require businesses to consider Covid19 in their risk assessments, or to have specific measures in place. RIDDOR reporting of Covid19 is now also limited to specific circumstances.

The following activities, under health and safety law, still apply:

  • Providing sufficient general ventilation in workplaces
  • Protecting workers who come into contact with Covid19 directly (i.e. laboratory workers or health and social care workers caring for infectious patients). In these work environments, employers must still do a risk assessment and implement control measures.

Public health advice that businesses can follow for Covid19 is available here:
For England, Scotland and Wales.

Further links and information on this update is available here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Advice for workplaces (

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