New driving collision offence and how to lower risk of an incident

A new offence “Causing Serious Injury by Careless Driving” came into force on 28 June 2022. The charges range from 6 points to a two year prison sentence.

This offence is a provision of the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 that all drivers, and those who employ drivers, need to be aware of.

Causing Serious Injury by Careless Driving

  • Careless driving is any driving which falls below the standards of a careful and competent driver – including a momentary lapse of concentration
  • Any collision causing injuries of “broken or displaced limbs or bones”, or anything more serious, could be considered a “Serious injury”
  • The new offence of “Causing Serious Injury by Careless Driving” carries up to two years imprisonment
  • Cases could now be heard in the Crown Court – leading to substantially increased timeframes and legal costs
  • The maximum sentence for the more serious offences of “Causing Death by Dangerous Driving” and “Causing Death by Careless Driving under the Influence of Drink or Drugs” will also increase from 14 years’ imprisonment to life imprisonment
  • The new changes will apply to any collision taking place on or after 28 June 2022

Lowering the risk

Businesses that employ drivers, or have employees that drive to and from work, should consider how to lower the risk of their employees being involved in an accident:

  • Consider driver hours and breaks beyond the minimum legal requirements
  • The use of hands-free devices whilst driving
  • Increased driver training and retraining
  • Review procedures for how to respond in the event of a collision involving injury

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