Preparing to return to work during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. How to stay safe.

By law, you should carry out a risk assessment for all work activities. A risk assessment will need to be carried out specifically for working safely during the COVID-19 outbreak. The HSE and UK Government have published guidance on steps that will need to be taken as businesses return to work. In essence:

Businesses must carry out a risk assessment on how to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and should share the results with their workforce. For businesses with less than 50 employees, they should consider publishing their COVID-19 risk assessment on their website. Where businesses have more than 50 employees, the Government expects businesses to do this. Further guidance can be obtained from the HSE website

Eight sector specific guides have been published by the UK Government on how different businesses can operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. In essence, these offer guidance on how to work safely under different circumstances, and give advice on hygiene, social distancing and the management of customers, employees, visitors and contractors. Businesses must take all steps to implement the guidance in these documents and display a ‘Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020’ poster in the workplace. The sector guidance can be obtained from the UK Gov website

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