SAFETY ALERT: Change in Enforcement for Mild Steel Welding Fume

The HSE has published a significant change in enforcement expectations for mild steel welding fume. Read the full alert here . Businesses carrying out welding activities of this nature should take the following appropriate action now:

  • Wherever welding is carried out, including mild steel welding, regardless of duration, it is now expected that engineering controls (LEV) should be in place.
  • Where LEV is in place and adequate control is not being achieved, or if welding is being undertaken outdoors, additional controls in the form of RPE should be used.
  • Risk assessments will need updating to reflect the changes in control measures and, if not already done so, monitoring carried out to demonstrate control is being achieved.
  • Where RPE is used, make sure an RPE programme is in place.

For more information read a previous news item ‘Welders: Reduced Exposure Limits For Manganese‘ by Dr Graham Newport

Please don’t hesitate to contact Safety Management if you would like to discuss the relevance of this alert for your business, or for any other health and safety matter.

Photo copyright: Laurentiu Iordache

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