Working safely during the Covid-19 pandemic

How to keep your business running safely in challenging times

The last few months have brought changes to all our lives. Health and safety consultancy has been no exception. Three months ago, we’d never heard of a Covid-19 secure risk assessment, now we’re doing them for our clients every day.

It’s a legal requirement for any business continuing to work, or returning to work after closure, to assess and manage the risk of exposure to Covid19 in the workplace.

There’s a plethora of constantly changing and evolving guidance and advice out there because this is a new situation and we have to adapt to meet the changes as they happen. It can be a daunting task for businesses already faced with a myriad of changes to make, but we can help you to find your way through the guidance and put common sense measures in place.

We’ve advised a diverse range of clients over the last 12 weeks; how to continue key manufacturing safely, how to safeguard customers as retail re-opens, how to carry out sales visits and site engineer visits and how to operate construction sites safely. All this has involved finding new ways of working and applying common sense precautions while following the Government guidance.

We’ve answered questions about one way systems in workplaces, what to do if you can’t stay 2m apart, how to safely re-open a workplace after closure and whether it’s necessary to wear face masks. We’d be happy to help your business in the same way and help you to keep your employees as safe as possible in these changing times.

If you need to complete your Covid-19 secure risk assessment, or just want someone to check over what you’ve already done, or even visit to look at your actual precautions on site, we’d be pleased to help you. Contact us here

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