Your view on Menstrual and Menopausal Health in the workplace

The public are invited to comment on new guidance from the BSI on Menstrual and Menopausal Health in the workplace.

British Standard BS 30416 gives guidance on developing policies and practices that are supportive of employees experiencing symptoms of menstruation or peri/menopause in the workplace.  As of now there is no fixed date for publication of this guidance, but the public are invited to comment on the draft by 14 February 2023.

Understandings of menstruation, menstrual health and the menopausal transition in Western society, including the UK, are complex and influenced by many factors that are not yet fully understood or openly discussed.  In many cases the needs of women and people who menstruate are not always properly met in today’s workplace.

This document aims to help organisations to identify the misconceptions around these symptoms and the impact the taboo surrounding them can have on workplace support.  The document will recommend practical workplace adjustments and activities that can support existing activities around workplace wellbeing and occupational health and safety initiatives in a more holistic way.

The document covers the following areas:

  1. Why address this topic now?
  2. Myths around menstruation and menopause
  3. Questions which the standard can help to address
  4. Practical actions

Plus additional reading on cycles and symptoms, menopausal and menstrual health, toolkits for line managers and HR personnel, recruitment considerations, facilitating cultural change, communication and training plans.

Here is a link to the guidance, and to read and comment on the draft.  Registration with the BSI or a log in is required:
British Standards Institution – Project (

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