How we work

By using our extensive database, we can demonstrate to clients what has been accepted historically, often useful in civil claims which can go back many years.

Our database has also proved useful in demonstrating what is reasonably practicable when faced with possible enforcement action.

SML never act in areas where we do not have expertise. In the 20 years we have been offering an expert witness service, we have not once been involved in a case where our initial opinion differed from the final outcome in court.

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Recent cases

In the last two years SML Consultants have been instrumental in enabling one client to successfully defend a charge of manslaughter and another individual to successfully defend an HASAWA section 7 charge.

In a recent case, expert evidence has allowed a client to successfully plead not guilty to HASAWA section 2 offences by demonstrating that they had discharged their duties so far as was reasonably practicable.

Most recently in a case where an employer had to plead guilty, evidence from SML consultants assisted the defendant in presenting information to allow the Court to come to a fair sentence by countering the prosecution’s inaccurate portrayal of circumstances, resulting in a significant reduction of fine.

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